You’ll find a great range of starters at Indigo and we highly recommend you to choose one before your main meal.

Tomato Soup

3,00 €

Tomato, coconut cream and Indian spices.

Tomate, crema de coco y especias hindúes.

Chicken Soup

3,00 €

Chicken with Indian spices.

Sopa de pollo con especias hindúes.

Mixed Salad

3,00 €

Tomato, onion, olives, pepper, cucumber and lettuce.

Tomate, cebolla, aceitunas, pimiento, pepino y lechuga.

Green Salad

2,00 €

Pepper, cucumber, pineapple and lettuce.

Pimiento verde, pepino, pina y lechuga.

Channa Chat Cold Salad

4,50 €

Chickpeas, onion, mint pepper, cucumber, tomato with Indian spices.

Garbanzos, cebolla, pimiento, pepino, tomate y especias hindúes.

Chicken Chat Cold Salad

5,00 €

Roasted chicken, onion, tomato, cucumber with Indian spices.

Pollo asado, cebolla, tomate, pepino y especias hindúes.


0,75 €

Fried crisp of rice flour.

Crujiente tortita de harina de arroz.

Chutney Selection

2,00 €

4 Different types of chutney.

4 tipos diferentes de salsa picante ‘chutney’.

Individual Chutney

0,75 €

1 chutney.

Salsa picante individual.

Onion Bhaji

3,30 €

Fresh sliced onions in a spiced batter & deep-fried.

Cebolla fresca en rodajas rebozadas con especias y bien frita.

Onion Ring Pakoras

3,00 €

Onion rings with gram flour crispy fried.

Aros de cebolla rebazados en harina de garbanzos y fritos.

Crispy Potato Bhaji

3,60 €

Finely sliced potatoes coated with light batter and dressed with fresh coriander.

Finas rodajas de patata ligeramente rebozadas i aderezadas con cilantro.

Mixed Vegetable Pakoras

3,50 €

Crisp fried vegetable in spiced chickpea batter.

Verdura frita y crujiente rebozada con especias y harina de garbanzos.

Fish Koliwada

4,00 €

Fish fried in spicy batter.

Trozos de pescado del día marinado y frito en salsa picante.

Chicken Pakoras

4,50 €

Deep fried chicken breast.

Pechuga de pollo macerada y frita.

Samosa Mix / Meat and Vegetables

4,00 €

Crispy-fried pastry filled with vegetables or minced lamb and assorted spices.

Pasta crujiente y frita rellena de verduras o cordero picado con especias variadas.

Fried Prawns

4,50 €

Prawns in a spicy batter.

Langostinos fritos en una salsa condimentada.

Assorted Platter

5,70 €

O bhaji, chicken pakora, veg. Pakora, chicken tikka.

Cebolla bhaji, pollo pakoras, venturas pakoras y pollo tikka.

Prawn Puri

5,20 €

Prawn lightly spiced and served on a light crispy puri.

Langostinos ligeramente condimentados y servidos en pan crujiente.

Channa Puri

4,50 €

Chickpeas cooked with onion and tomato served on a light crispy puri.

Garbanzos cocinado con cebolla y tomate y servidos en pan crujiente.

Chicken Shashlik

6.00 €

Chicken lightly marinated with selected herbs and spices barbecued in tandoor.

Pollo troceado, adobado con hierbas y especias selectas y cocinadas en el horno.

Chicken Tikka

6,00 €

Diced chicken marinated in herbs and selected spices.

Dados de pollo adobado con hierbas y especias selectas.

Malai Tikka

6,00 €

Breast of chicken pieces marinated in special mughlai sauce in tandoori oven.

Trozos de pechuga de pollo marinados en nuestra especial salsa mughlai al horno tandoori.

Tandoori Chicken

6,00 €

Chicken legs marinated in yogurt and spices, barbecued in tandoor.

Pollo cocinado en el horno tandoori, previamente marinado en yogurt y especias.

Shish Kebab

6,50 €

Minced lamb marinated in fresh herbs and charcoal grilled on a skewer.

Rollos de cordero picado a la brasa con especias.

Lamb Tikka

6,50 €

Tender lamb pieces marinated in yogurt and spices, charcoal grilled.

Tiernos trozos de cordero marinado en yogurt y especias y cocinado a la brasa.

Tandoori Mix Grill

7,50 €

Chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, shish kebab.

Pollo tikka, pollo tandoori, cordero tikka y shish kebab.

Tandoori King Prawn

7,80 €

Barbecued prawn with a subtle taste of Indian spices.

Langostinos a la barbacoa con un ligero toque de especias hindúes.

Paneer Kebab

4,60 €

Indian cheese cubes with peppers and tomatoes marinated and roasted.

Tacos de queso hindu con pimientos y tomates marinados y asados.

Aloo Tikki

3,90 €

Potato, onion, cheese, ginger deep fired.

Patata, cebolla, queso y jengibre bien fritos.


Pick your favourite type of rice to accompany your main dish. For those who are new we recommend the Pilau Rice.

Plain Boiled Rice

2,00 €

Arroz blanco.

Pilau Rice

2,50 €

Arroz con jeera.

Fried Rice

2,75 €

Arroz hindu con venduras fritas.

Indigo Special Rice

3,50 €

Special with egg and mushrooms.

Arroz especial Indigo con huevos y champiñones.

Garlic Rice

2,75 €

Arroz con ajo.

Mushroom Rice

2,75 €

Arroz con champiñones.


We have the best recipes for Indian pan, and you will enjoy these immensely! We promise!

Plain Naan

2,00 €

Pan Indio.

Butter Naan

3,00 €

Pan Indio con mantequilla.

Garlic Naan

2,30 €

Pan Indio con ajo.

Keema Naan

3,00 €

Pan Indio con cordero picadito.

Peshwari Naan

3,00 €

Pan Indio con almendras y coco.

Cheese Naan

2,40 €

Pan Indio con queso.

Cheese and Onion Naan

2,75 €

Pan Indio con queso y cebollas.


1,40 €

Plain roti.

Aloo Paratha

3,00 €

Pan Indio frito con patatas.

Tandoori Roti

1,50 €

Pan Indio asado en el horno.


We have a selection of desserts that we hope you’ll appreciate and enjoy.

Mango Cream

3,50 €

Gulub Jamun

3,50 €

Ice Cream

3,50 €

Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry Ice-Cream

Indigo Special Treat

4,00 €

Lemon Dessert

3,50 €

Lemon ice cream served in a fresh lemon.


We have a full bar and can offer you an extended range of drinks with your meal. Our most popular choice with Indian food is our house wine. If you really are interested in something special, you should try our Indigo signature drink!


1,50 €


2,00 €


2,00 €

Irish coffee

4,50 €

Calypso coffee

4,50 €

Baileys coffee

4,50 €

French coffee

4,50 €

Small beer

1,50 €

Large beer

2,75 €


3,00 €


3,00 €


3,00 €


3,00 €

Non alcohol beer

2,00 €

Large Shandy

2,75 €

Tonic and Tonic Light

1,50 €

Fanta Orange

1,50 €

Fanta Lemon

1,50 €

7up / Sprite

1,50 €

Coca Cola / Coke

1,50 €

Coca Cola Light / Coke Light

1,50 €


1,75 €

Orange Juice

1,75 €

Small Water

1,50 €

Large Water

2,50 €

House Wine White (glass)

2,50 €

House Whine White (bottle)

8,00 €

House Wine Red (glass)

2,50 €

House Wine Red (bottle)

8,00 €

House Wine Rosado (glass)

2,50 €

House Wine Rosado (bottle)

8,00 €

Sangria Jug

9,50 €


4,00 €


4,00 €


3,00 €


3,00 €


4,00 €


4,00 €

Tia Maria

4,00 €


3,50 €


3,50 €


3,50 €


3,50 €

Soberano (Brandy)

3,00 €

Special Brandy

5,00 €

Special Gin

5,00 €

Indigo Signature Drink

5,00 €

Vodka Zubrowka with apple juice.

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